Hello. My name is Matthew, and I live in Somerset, England. I do a lot of singing both on my own and chorally; but a huge hobby that’s emerged for me has been collecting music and trying to expand my tastes in different genres and styles. I’ve been building a collection since January 2016, so I realise that I’ve barely scratched the surface – but already I’ve run out of space on my sixty-four gigabyte phone to carry it all around with me, and so now I have to swap new things I’d like to listen to with things that I haven’t listened to in a while.

Recently, one of my family members gave me access to their digital music collection, which I’ve since added to my own. They’ve been involved in both legal and pirate radio hosting, and they’ve collected music spanning several decades. I now have more music than I know what to do with (which of course is a good problem to have!), and so I’ve decided that to make sense of it all, I’ll write about it here.

The Window Light is a diary of what I’m listening to. As well as reviewing music, I will write about my listening habits and how they are being influenced, as well having the occasional personal ramble.


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